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Are you looking for that extra glossy look, and to make future washes faster and easier?

Look no further.


DQuartz by CarPro is an industry leader in automotive ceramic-quartz protection.

DQuartz nano diamond quartz fusion coating provides a hard glossy coat built to last for 18 months of protection. 

  • Ceramic coating protects against UV rays, bird feces, acid rain, tar and brake dust

  • Hardshell Clear Coating

  • Water, Oil, Oxidation, Stain Repellant Surface

  • Future maintenance washes are easier

  • Forms molecular bond with paint

  • 18 months of protection

  • High Gloss Look

Premium Exterior Detail is Required for DQuartz

$350 - 2 Coats of DQuartz - Whole Car

Add Ons

+ $150 - GLISS Ultra-Hydrophobic Top Coat

+ $300 - 2 Layers of GTechniq C5 Wheel Armor

Premium Exterior Detail is REQUIRED to decontaminate / polish the paint before applying the ceramic coat

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